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How to use the forum
link Is it necessary to create an account?
link Do I have to enable Cookies?
link How can I manage my account?
link How can I change my username?
link I forgot my password...
link How can I upload my own avatar?
link What's a signature?
link What are the Favorites?
link What do ranks mean?
link What are Personal Smilies?
link Can I send messages to other users?
link What are moderators good for?
link How can I create a new event in the calendar?
link Why is there a Team page?
link How does the Userlist work?

Is it necessary to create an account?
That depends on the administrator. He can restrict areas of the forum to certain users but he can also open them to guests.
To enable all features of the forum an account is necessary.

Do I have to enable Cookies?
No, but they can make the handling fo the forum a lot easier, e.g., you can autmatically be logged in on every visit to the forum.
If you're using a public computer it is strongly recommended to disable Cookies.

How can I manage my account?
Use the link UserCP to manage every aspect of your account.
Don't forget to keep your eMail address up to date.

How can I change my username?
You can't. If there's a really good reason to change your username you should contact the administrator.

I forgot my password...
Next to every login panel that pops up when you try to enter a restricted area, you will see the link Forgot your password? link where you can request a new password.
Your eMail address must be up to date to receive the new password.

How can I upload my own avatar?
You can find that option in the link UserCP. There you can choose a picture on your harddisk and upload it to the forum's server.
There might be some restrictions on the image's size and measures.

What's a signature?
A signature is a short text that will be added on the bottom of all your posts. You can choose with every post to show or not to show your signature.
You can find the form to create your own signature in the link UserCP.

What are the Favorites?
If you subscribe to a thread or a forum it will be added to your Favorites. You will get an eMail if there are new replies or threads in your Favorites, if you choose that option.

You can also remove Favorites through the link UserCP.

What do ranks mean?
Ranks are determined by the number of postings of a user and/or the user group he belongs to. Their use is to show the group status and activity of a user.

Usergroup Rank name at * posts Rank image
Administratoren Euer Gott 0 rank_admin.gif
Super Moderatoren Noch höher 0 rank_supermod.gif
Moderatoren Über euch 0 rank_mod.gif
User n00b 0 rank_11.gif
User Trebanischer Kloputzer 10 rank_12.gif
User Untere Trebe 20 rank_13.gif
User Marsmännchen 50 rank_14.gif
User Trebenhäuptling 70 rank_15.gif
User Obere Trebe 100 rank_21.gif
User Nafanischer Sklave 150 rank_22.gif
User Funkyhead 300 rank_23.gif
User Forumssanitäter 450 rank_24.gif
User Black Hole 600 rank_25.gif
User It can type! 750 rank_31.gif
User Smello 1250 rank_32.gif
User Freak! 1600 rank_33.gif
User Schonzenbrodler 2000 rank_34.gif
User Meister Eder 2500 rank_35.gif
User WOW! 3000 rank_41.gif
User Härte pur 3600 rank_42.gif
User Knightrider 4150 rank_43.gif
User Berserk 4600 rank_44.gif
User Master of the Universe 5000 rank_45.gif

What are Personal Smilies?
From the 1000s of smilies in the SmileyList you can pick your favorite smilies, which will then be shown next to every post and edit form.
That way you can easily add them to messages.

Can I send messages to other users?
Yes and there are several ways to do that. If the user is showing his eMail address directly on the forums, you can mail him through your own eMail program.
If a user is hiding his eMail address but has enabled the Formmailer option, you can send him an eMail through the Formmailer. That way you will not see his eMail address unless he decides to reply.
If a user has disabled both options, you can either try to use the Private Message system or contact him otherwise through the forum. Please be aware that opening several threads to get his attention is not a good start to make contact.

What are moderators good for?
Moderators are users with some more privileges than the average user. They usually moderate one ore more forums and can edit, move, delete, rename, etc. other people's posts.

How can I create a new event in the calendar?
To create a new event in the calendar click on the 'New Event' button.

In the event creation form you can choose if the event should be private or public. To mark an event as private choose the option 'private event'. Private events can only be seen and edited by the creator. Also they are shown in a different color in the calendar overview.

Why is there a Team page?
On the Team page you can see all the administrators, super moderators and moderators, in short the people who have the power on the board. ;)
If there are any issues you need help with, the Team page is a fast and easy way to contact someone who can help you.

How does the Userlist work?
The Userlist is divided in 2 lists:

On the one hand there's the Friends-list. This list provides an easy way to see who of your friends is online and you can directly send them eMails or Private Messages.

On the other hand there's the Ignore-list. Users on this list can't send you Private Messages or eMails through the Formmailer. Also their posts will not be visible to you but in the threads there's always the possibility to still show the posts of ignored users.

Please keep in mind that when adding new users to your Userlist you must write 1 username per line. Depending on the administrator's settings you might not be able to ignore moderators and administrators.
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